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What kind of currency is accepted in the Bahamas?

You can spend US Dollars throughout the Bahamas without any problem. The exchange is one to one with the Bahamian Dollar. It is very common to get some US cash mixed with Bahamian cash when getting change from stores or restaurants.

Can I use a credit card around the island?

Credit cards, mostly Visa and MasterCard are accepted across the island in many of the food stores, some restaurants, excursions and stores. You can expect to pay a fee around 5% on top of your total when using a card.

Are there any ATMs on the island?

Yes, there are at least 2 ATMs, located in George Town, that you can get US currency from. There are various fees applied to the transaction.

What do I need to know regarding Customs?

Getting to Exuma is not very hard. You will need a passport if coming from somewhere outside of the Bahamas. You will be presented a Bahamas Customs Declaration form upon arrival that you will be required to complete. As a foreigner, you are allowed to bring in $100 worth of gifts or non-personal items per person duty-free (no fresh fruits or vegetables please). For the local address you will be staying at you can use the following info: Minns Cottages George Town, Exuma

How do I get from the airport to the cottages?

Our airport is very small and easy to navigate. Upon arrival you will find many local taxi drivers waiting to get you where you need to go. Fare will be about $25, and all the taxis charge the same fee. There are a few rental car companies around that can help you arrange your own car, one rental company is onsite, but it is usually best to make arrangements prior to your arrival. We are easy to find if you’re driving, head straight down Queen’s Highway we’re on the right just before you reach George Town. We can send you more precise directions before you come.

What kind of weather should we expect?

Our climate stays fairly consistent all year long with warm, tropical breezes. The winter months (November-March) are our drier months with less rainfall. Our temperatures average low to mid 80's in Fahrenheit during the day and in the 70's at night. We do have an occasional cold front that blows through so be sure to bring a few light layers this time of year. During the summer months (June-September), there’s high humidity, with the temperature ranging from high 80's to 90's, and our typical afternoon thunderstorms that keep everything nice and green!

Will my cell phone work on the island?

Many cell phones from the U.S., Canada, Europe, etc., work on the BTCBahamas network. Your provider may charge an international roaming rate, so it is best to contact your cell phone company regarding rates and availability prior to your arrival.

What time is Check-in and Check-Out?

Check-in time is typically 3:00pm with Check-Out at 10:00am. We understand travel times and arrangments may not always fit this parameter, so we can try work with your schedule.

Do I need an electrical adapter?

Our cottages use 120v for electric power. Electronics and appliances that work in the U.S. and Canada will function without an adaptor. The cottages also come with many basic items, including hair dryers.